Mission Statement​

Provide medical support to attorneys with an accurate interpretation of medical records, quality medical research, and expert advisement on cases involving the need for medical analysis.

Why Attorneys Contract Legal Nurse Consultants!  

Attorneys hire legal nurse consultants to assist with cases that involve medical analysis and medical literature research. Legal nurse consultants utilize their knowledge and experience to produce significant results for legal cases. 

Benefits of Katrina Case - Legal Nurse Consultant

  • Assist attorneys in gathering medical evidence.
  • Review cases to ensure the case has merit.
  • Investigate medical records to locate crucial information.
  • Support attorneys in locating expert witnesses. 
  • Aid in requesting appropriate medical documents.
  • Assist with trial preparation and trials.
  • Investigate medical records for tampered documents.
  • Knowledge of what documents to request for evidence.
  • Research current and accurate medical literature.
  • Write chronological medical reports.
  • Write clear and concise summary reports.
  • Assist with discovery.
  • Observe for missing medical documents.
  • Clarify medical jargon in medical records.
  • Present medical education when necessary.

Where Are Services Provided?

Katrina Case - Legal Nurse Consultant is located in Newton County, Mississippi.

Katrina Case provides services to attorneys in Newton, Neshoba, Lauderdale, and Scott Counties.