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'Expert with Medical Records and Research'

What Is A Legal Nurse Consultant?

A legal nurse consultant is a licensed registered nurse who has legal training to perform a critical analysis of health care facts, issues, and outcomes for an attorney who takes a case that involves medical analysis. A legal nurse consultant has sufficient medical experience and legal training to efficiently perform the tasks needed to be an essential part of a legal case. 

A legal nurse consultant practices the art and science of a nursing specialty or various specialties in a variety of settings, such as law firms, government offices, insurance companies, hospital risk management, and self-employed practitioners. The legal nurse consultant is a liaison between legal and health care communities and the consultation it to legal and health care in many areas of law.

Katrina Case - Legal Nurse Consultant's Benefits.

  • Assist attorneys in gathering medical evidence.
  • Review cases for medical analysis to ensure the case is strong.
  • Investigate medical records to locate crucial information.
  • Support attorneys in locating expert witnesses.
  • Research current and accurate medical literature.
  • Write Chronological medical reports from medical records for evidence.
  • Prepare for depositions.
  • Assist with discovery.
  • Discover missing medical reports and files.
  • Assist with requesting appropriate medical documents.
  • Assist with clarifying medical jargon.
  • Assist with trial preparation and trials.

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